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  • P.I.N.K.


    Non-Profit Paranormal Investigative Team

  • is your online resource to understanding numerology. Everything from the history to the different types of numerology.

  • Love Spells

    Love Spells

    Love Spells for all, lost love spells, binding spells, soul mate spells, rekindle lost love and more, spell casting services for all the problems relation to Love.

  • Magic Spells

    Magic Spells

    Powerful Love Spells like Love Binding Spells, Get Back Lost Love Spell, Make Your Love Leave You Spell, Get Back Old Love Spell and more, also Love Spells Casting available

  • Past Life Investigations

    Past Life Investigations

    Our Mission:To provide an objective investigation of ghostly activity using various scientific and non-scientific means. We will be open minded to all evidence and skeptical as well to insure we accurately document any paranormal activity. We are located in Southeast Georgia just outside of Ft. Stewart Georgia.

  • Cal~Para Research Organization

    Cal~Para Research Organization

    Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunting

  • Paranormal Anomaly Search Team

    Paranormal Anomaly Search Team

    We are the Paranormal Search Team out of Chicago Il. We offer investigations and evidence of ghosts and spirits through EVPs, photographs, and video.

  • A Nested Reality

    A Nested Reality

    A look at the paranormal from a multi-dimensional perspective. Videos, photos, audio and topics.